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car title loans in bakersfield

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Car title loans in Bakersfield

Taking a car title loan in Bakersfield had never been easier. All you’ve got to do is to fill out the contact form above with the year, make and model of your car – and get an immediate response with the value of it. Then you are one step closer to getting approved for a loan. Our loans team will contact your shortly after submitting the form and will make sure you meet the requirements for a title loan. You can also give us a call at (661) 344-4177 and start the application process by phone.

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Money definitely makes the world go ‘round, the problem starts when the cash dries up and our world stops spinning. Finding yourself scratching around for pennies can be embarrassing and very stressful. The constant dread of how you’re going to pay the expenses and still make it at the end of the month can work wonders on your self-esteem and it can even leave you feeling down. Fortunately loans were created for those who “have” to help out those who “don’t have”, while making a few bucks for themselves. The key to being approved for a successful loan is to find the right lender and the right lending guidelines for your financial needs. Car title loans are the preferred loan for many as they suit so many needs and come with fairly straightforward lending guidelines. Car title loans provide access to liquid money instantly. Applying for this loan is so simple and usually takes just a few minutes. You can fill out the online application form, that asks for your basic details and presto, submit and you’re on half-way to instant cash. If you prefer you can apply over the phone and let one of our employees walk you through the application. This application comes without tons of homework and you can complete it simply. The one requirement is for you to submit your car title document as this shows your ownership and car details, which are used to evaluate your car.

Get Money and Keep On Driving

Your car title loan is approved based, among other things, on the value of your car and we approve loans starting at $2600. You car is used as security for the money that you pick up, but that doesn’t mean you have to hand it over. You hold onto it until your final payment is made, while we hold onto your car title, which is returned to your on completion of your repayments. Unlike conventional lenders who determine the risk they are taking in lending money to you based on your credit record or employment status, with our car title loans your loan is approved depending also on the vehicle you own, so credit score is just a part of our credit criterion.

Friendly Customer Service

When you apply for car title loans in Bakersfield you also get a really good service that is fast and friendly. There are many loan providers on the market today, and with such a variety it is essential to make the right choice and use a provider like us. Our team members are at your service to answer your questions and explain the loan process to you. You’ll be assured of the details of what you’ll be getting and what will be required from you in return, which will leave you feeling more secure, and it will assist you to complete your loan repayments smoothly.

Taking out a loan can be stressful, but we do all that we can to relieve your stress and get you one step closer to instant cash. We understand that playing the waiting game, whether it’s during the application stage or approval stage of your loan process can takes it’s toll, and leave you feeling distressed, and that is why we work hard to eliminate the added anxiety, by cutting any unnecessary delays. From application to loan completion, our team will guide you step by step, to ensure you get the assistance.

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With so many different loans available to choose from today, it can make the process of getting a loan a lot more difficult as we are often not aware of the loan approval requirements, or the waiting periods that come with the loan application and approval. Our aim is to help you get approved for a loan starting at $2,600 with almost no delay! The application process allows you to get the ball rolling by simply submitting your uncomplicated application form with your basic details. Your car’s security fast tracks the entire process while the conventional credit check is not the only credit criterion. We make cash solutions accessible to those who are in need, when they need it most. We also make sure that you understand the ins and outs of the repayment plan. Our repayment schedule is explained to each customer at.

Pick up Cash and Keep Driving your Car

There is a major misconception with car title loans in general, and we are busting that myth! You aren’t required to trade in your car in order to receive your immediate cash loan! Although your car acts as a form of collateral for the immediate cash loan that you are approved for, you maintain full use of your car throughout the loan period. Your car is used in the unlikely event that you default from your loan repayments. However, during the entire loan process you get to keep on driving! That means that when you come on by to pick up your cash, you simply drive off with your car as well.

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